New Mexico's IVAN RANE Paintings in oil on canvas. 2016

Paintings for the fun of it.

Paintings in 2016 | Summer 2016 | Paintings for the fun of it. | 2016Larger paintings.

Paintings of the landscape that is New Mexico. The land of the seven skies.

CONTRERAS N.M. 6' by 4'

Taos Corn

River Horses 25" by 30"

Nature is a powerful force here in New Mexico. Man has had little impact here to claim this high desert for himself. We are happy with a tree full of apples and have claimed such things as a triumphant success. I am certain that the Native Americans felt the same way about a field of corn 500 hundred years ago.

Horses in the corn 19" by 16"

Canyon horses 19" by 16"

Desert Fire 28" by 56"

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